Sunday, 22 April 2012

Friday, 13 April 2012

Amy Clipston Books: Win A Season of Love & Reckless Heart!

Amy Clipston Books: Win A Season of Love & Reckless Heart!: Hi Friends! Are you ready for a new contest? This week I'm giving away my first advanced copy of A Season of Love and also an advanc...

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


In terms of my memory, the one that seems to be failing me and I am only in my 36th year of life! What will I be like when I am 70 Lord willing I live to that age!

 It is funny what once you take for granted can become something of the past in such a split second. I was the one that people counted on to remember names, numbers, directions, just good old information. Since the motorcycle accident my short term memory just does not process the same and drudging items out of the long term memory can sometimes be a dubious task.

So as each day goes and I work on the items I am supposed to, to help learn new ways of doing things it humbles me to think of all the "things" I took for granted prior to this accident.

Like the fact that I never had to work to attain good grades, that skills came very naturally to me. That I could multi-multi I am left to cope with the grief over losing these such abilities and teaching myself new coping and managing strategies and skills. I look fine on the outside, albeit a little extra pudgy as to previous to the accident. People that didn't know how highly I functioned would see nothing wrong with my brain, aside of the forgetfulness and word finding at times. I however have to learn to live with a different brain than I once had. The Doctors keep telling me had I not been "a high functioning person" I probably would not even care or potentially notice the deficits I have.

Sometimes being the perfectionist has its benefits, sometimes it has its downfalls. I have not decided which it is for me yet, as I have been told that by way of my perfectionism and stubbornness that is the reason I have made the leaps and bounds I have in my recovery!

 I myself like to think it is my prayer's being answered!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Need You Now by Beth Wiseman

NEED YOU NOW by Beth Wiseman
A can’t put down novel revolving around the trials and tribulations of raising a family in a big city with it the wealth of influences and the potential benefits of relocating a family to a small town. Can moving your family from the city to the country be the answer?

The need for mothers/wives to feel appreciated and needed and the special place they hold within the family as the homemaker versus their role as a provider outside the home. The reward the lady of house can feel by feeling needed.

The story makes one reflect on their own family especially when they have children in and around the same age. It opens one's eyes to the life of a teenage girl going through a huge change and the pressures they feel within family life and life in general and often their inability to be heard when they are crying silently for help.

Leaves you thinking about temptation and the reality of what it could do to you as a person and you in your relationship with your husband and God. It makes you put faith in God and think about the power of Prayer. How friends can make us remember what is important to us and the role in which God takes in our lives.

It is a great story of family ties, friendships and the need for companionship, how being truthful always in every aspect of our lives with everyone is the only way to live a good, clean, honest fulfilling life.

Thursday, 5 April 2012