Wednesday, 2 November 2011

November already!?!?!?

While we were headed to my weekly appointment in Lindsay we did the usual drive past the Amish School. The kids (I would tend to say 30ish) were out frolicking in the lovely November sun. Such a lovely day and so nice to see kids making their own fun at recess and not on cell phones. It seems that in today's society whenever you see keds there heads are tipped down and they are running into you if YOU are not paying attention to THEM!

Why has life become so complicated? It is funny how we can say that it must be hard to live without electricity etc etc but all the while we make it more and more difficult for ourselves to live without it. We apparently simplify our lives by getting a cell phone, but did we simplify it or make it more complex?
What do you think?


  1. I love seeing children create their own fun. So much more scope for imagination if we put technology aside for a little while.


  2. I was a school teacher and I love imaginative play!!! I think we made our lives much more complex with cellphones...I hate that people bother you every where you go by calling or texting constantly. I love to go outside with my children and grandchildren and neices and nephews! I never bought electronic toys for my children and we read every single day.....I even read to my when they were in utero!!