Thursday, 27 October 2011

More Lost Than Found

I received the first book to do a review on for I immediately started it. It is "More Lost Than Found" by Jared Herd. So far a great read. Stay tuned for the entire review upon completion.
Was down to the New York Amish Trail in Western New York for the past few days. What a beautiful Amish settlement they have down there. There are numerous homes. I was quite shocked. Much like Lancaster County to be honest! There are several home based shops with goods for sale. A definte return trip is in order!
Took in a Buffalo Sabres Hockey game on our way home. They lost to Tampa Bay Lightening. 2 ex Peterborough Pete's players were opponents in the game and in a fight! Patrick Kaleta, fell in the end to Steve Downie from Tampa Bay.

The next several weeks are full of assessments for the insurance company. My recovery is so long. I truly thought I would have had all of this behind me months ago! I was certain initially I would be back to work in December. Little did I know I would still not be walking at that point or fit to work over a year later. All in time, that is my newest motto. Along with... All I have is TIME!

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