Saturday, 10 September 2011

Golden Rod?!?!?

Today while driving back from Whitby I gave notice to how much Golden Rod is covering the fields/ditches and lawns. It dawned on me as I tried to say to Pete but got extremely choked up and began to cry as I wanted to say "wow there seems to be a lot more Golden Rod out there this year compared to last year." That's when I realized I have nothing to compare this year's Golden Rod too!

It was a stark realization that I truly lost a bunch of time, a bunch of my life, my kids lives, my family's lives!

To that I should be thankful that I have everyday forward to celebrate but it was very sad to realize what all I have missed.

Fall is my favourite time of year so maybe that is what makes it so much harder to deal with. I have this fall and many more to come so that is what I need to remember and focus on!

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